April 9, 2017 — Welcome to Sunday Services!


We are so glad to have you visiting with us today! We have been hoping and believing you would be here and would be thankful for the experience. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make sure your visit with us is a success.

Our hope is to do whatever we can to get to know you and to help you get to know Jesus. That’s it! Here’s a couple of things we want you to do. First, relax. Enjoy the day. Then fill out a pew card. Let us know on the back how we did. Give us your comments and ways we can pray for you this week. You can also use the card to communicate anything else you want to tell us. We want this to be the first day of a great new relationship with Unity Missionary Baptist!



We have tried to create a great experience for you today. We will study the Bible, sing and talk about Jesus. There will be times to pray and listen. We want you to participate at your pace. – no pressure. There are no secret handshakes or hidden agendas. We understand that most people want to check out a church before they “dive in.”. We understand that, but, we think church happens through relationships so here are a couple of suggestions. Introduce yourself to a few people and fill out a connection card. Give it to pastor after services or any member. WE are hoping you will find the way to God by intersecting with us.



Each week we put on the coffee pot and give everyone a chance to get to know each other a little bit better. Go through the door next to the drum set and enjoy a cup between our services.




Don’t forget to check in with us today. This month we are partnering with vitamin angels to provide a year of vitamins for children in third world countries. This is the best and easiest way to do good today! #vitamins4kids






We are committed to being a generous church. You are our guest today so please don’t feel any obligation to give.

We only want your Connection Card. Unity is supported by the giving of our people who have already chosen to serve God here. However, as you become more involved with Unity Missionary Baptist Church and want to worship through giving, here are a few ways; give on Sunday, mail in your envelope or use our offering box in the lobby of the building.



… is Easter Sunday. This is one of the best chances we have to invite our friends and relatives to this gathering. Start making plans now to invite several people.



Join us for Worship Night, a fun concert on May 21 at 6 pm:



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